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Bonjour. Some activities of Helmut Mittermaier...
December 2019. Radio Feature "Ich höre was, was du nicht hörst" in Deutschlandfunk Kultur Deutschlandradio Kultur
Here a video about the process of composing with sounds from analog answering machines
2019 I've been in Ivory Coast for one month to create and play theatre music together with ivory balaphon player KBL for the piece "Chocoloat"
Some catalogs, DVDs and other publications
I composed the song "Pfennigtango" for our trio Tsching and directed also the animated video.
June 2018. Recordings of the Hölderlin-composition by Michael Rayher.
Spring 2018. Berlin Studio award of the Berliner Senats with Tsching.
Oktober 2017. Release of the new album "Taschenhymnen" at Munich label GLM. I wrote 9 compositions for the album which was nominated for the critics-prize "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik". Tour all over Germany with the new album.
Januar/ Februar 2017 Recordings at Studio Erde Berlin. August 2017. Video concept, direction and realisation to the track "Pfennigtango"
2016. Mastering of Solo Album Flow. Many concerts and festivals, like the TFF Rudolstadt.
2015. Recordings for SoloAlbum "Flow".Composed and produced for several projects. A lot of concerts with trio.
September 2014. Release of the new Tsching-Album "Vagabundensuite"
DRadio report about the Release
Mai 2014 Radio Feature "Maikäfer, flieg" in Deutschlandradio Kultur. I composed and produced the music for this feature.
Deutschlandradio Kultur
1.11. 2013. Repetition of my radioplay "am Dienstag um neun sind die Erdbeeren reif" at 22.05 PM at RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
RBB Hörspiel
14.09.13 Premiere of FLASHBACK. Composition and produktion of the music by me.( ff enterprise. fiktion und forschung & okapi productions im Theater unterm Dach Berlin )
25.10.2012 Kukje Gallery Seoul. For the Installation Verse of South Korean Artist Jae-Eun Choi I made two Compositions.
Kukje Gallery
April 2012 Premiere of the radioplay "Schönes Wochenende by Ingrun Aran. The music for this piece is written by myself for Solo Cello und Cello Ensemble.
Radio Berlin Brandenburg Hörspiel
January 2012. Documentary "Demokracy 2.0" is broadcasted in SWR. I was the composer and producer of the music.
Watch Documentary
September 2011. The first album "Serenata" of our Trio Tsching has arrived and is now available.
Trio Tsching
September 2011. Recording of my compositions for Cello in the wonderful 90year old studio of Radio Berlin Brandenburg. I composed them for the radioplay "Schönes Wochenende".
16.August 2011. Repetition of my radioplay "am Dienstag um neun sind die Erdbeeren reif" in SWR 2 Dschungel.
Feb 2011. Documentary "Reboot BRD" about politics in web 2.0 made by Viktor Apfelbacher is presented in Ludwigsburg. I composed and produced the score and designed the sound for this film.
June 2010. Documentary "Road to rainbow" for public TV station ZDF by Mo Asumang. Johannes Malfatti composed the score and I played all of the saxophone tracks.
Road to Rainbow
March 27, 2010. Premiere of the production "Der Schwester Schatten" A scenery after Trakl" by Inka Bach. I composed and produced the voice collages based on poems by Georg Trakl.
Theater unterm Dach
Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasts my radioplay": am Dienstag um neun sind die Erdbeeren reif" 21.Feb.2010 at 19.30 Uhr. (after the radioplay "Mobil") 31.1.2010: At the same time I participate in the radioplay "Duchamp Mix" with compositions.
Deutschlandradio Kultur
Ars Electronica honours my Installation ": am Dienstag um neun sind die Erdbeeren reif" with a Honorary Mention. The austrian Media Art Festival will take place in September 09.
Ars Electronica Linz
Juni 2009. I wrote and produced the music for Ingrun Aran's production of Richard Dresser's Piece "Unter der Gürtellinie" The premiere is on 11 Jun 09 in Theater unterm Dach, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.
Okapi Productions
25 Apr 09. The installation ": on tuesday at nine, the strawberries are ripe." for 5 answering machines is shown in a theater for the first time. Occasion is the long night of opera and theatre in Berlin.
Lange Nacht der Opern und Theater
2 to 19 April 09. Video Art Prize Marl Exhibition at the famous academy of arts in Lodz/Poland. There are shown works of 21 video artists, among them my sound-picture-composition "The Varanasi Tapes".
academy of arts in Lodz/Poland
7 to 12 Feb 09.Invitation to the Talentcampus of International Filmfestspiele Berlin.
Berlinale Talentcampus
For the radio play "Mein Drache ist besoffen" of Swiss station DRS2 I was involved with Saxophon, bassclarinet and flute as improviser and foley artist. Broadcast at 21 Jan 09.
DRS 2 Hörspiel
"The Varanasi Tapes" in Munich. In ZKMax the exhibition of Media-Art-Prize Marl 2006-08 with my VideoSoundWork "The Varanasi Tapes" is shown.17 Feb 09 -1 Mar 09
ZKMax München
Sinus-Pill. From 9 to 16 Jan 09 Satoshi Morita presents his Soundhelmet in the exhibition "UBIQUITOUS OSCILLATIONS" in general public Berlin. I contributed the composition "Sinus-Pill" in a special arrangement for the soundhelmet.
general public Berlin
23 Oct 08. world premiere of "entkernt" by Britta Wolf directed by Ingrun Aran. I composed and produced the music for this multimedia-based staging.
Theater unterm Dach Berlin
Oct 08. Berlin Soundscapes, a group project of some Berlin based sound artists which was produced for Goethe-Institut Bruxelles in January and "The Varanasi Tapes" are presented in exhibition Klangland in Kassel.
Klangland 08 Kassel
26 Sept 08. German radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasts the premiere of the radio edit of "The Varanasi Tapes", which I finished this summer.
Deutschlandradio Kultur
13 Sep 08. The Foto project "squaretimes" is shown for the first time in public. Reason is the day of open sudios in Michhof Berlin. At the same time "Varanasi Tapes" is shown in a fantastic cave in Saarbrücker Str. in Prenzlauer Berg.
28 Mar 08 The premiere of my installation ": on tuesday at nine, the strawberries are ripe." for 5 answering machines in Berlin university of arts. Pics an more here:
: on tuesday at nine, the strawberries are ripe.
4 to 28 Sep 08. "The Varanasi Tapes" Video on tour: Exhibition of Media-Art-Prize Marl 2006-08 with my VideoSoundWork "The Varanasi Tapes" is shown at Foro Artistico, MedienKunstForum Hannover.
foro artistico Hannover

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